The story of Jesus Christ is one of the most known leadership stories ever written. Christians and Non-Christians alike are all cognizant about His MISSION to TEACH love, as well as the great SACRIFICE of dying on the cross to save humanity. We know that Jesus Christ had an incredible WISDOM but was admirably HUMBLE. He had an indomitable FAITH and demonstrated His passionate LOVE for His people by being a SERVANT and not by dictating people on what to do but by INSPIRING them to do great things.

All great leaders know that introspection is a helpful practice to reflect on what has been done and bring out lessons from that day to reflect on. This would also be the perfect time to reflect back on our leadership and how we did in the year. I’d like to share with you these questions to help you on your reflection.

These guide questions are inspired by the perfect leadership of Jesus Christ. Let’s now ask ourselves these questions and answer objectively.

  1. Do you feel happy and fulfilled doing what you are doing- leading people?
  2. Were you patient enough to teach the ones who struggle the most in your team? The true test of influence is this. The awesome members of your time need empowerment while the bottom performers need your time.
  3. Do you find time to listen to your people? Your people know you are busy and for you to spare at least 5 minutes is a big deal!
  4. Do you read relevant books or seek advices to increase your knowledge? 
  5. Have you been humble enough to admit your lapses and worked on them? You are not perfect and you are showing them how to take learning out of misses and they do the same.
  6. Do you solicit ideas or suggestions from your team most of the time? This is the simplest way to empower them. If the suggestions came from them, they will surely carry out the actions.
  7. Do you have faith in your team’s capacity to be great? Do they know that you believe in them? Did you show and tell them? Some people are auditory, they would love to hear you express your trust while most are visuals, they want to see that you care.
  8. Can you consider yourself a servant leader? Do you ensure they are empowered with tools and knowledge to become great?
  9. Do you think you are inspiring them? Is the life you live outside work (with your family or friends) consistent with who you are at work?

Hope this helps you reflect on your leadership the year that is about to end; and start writing down your vision for the coming year. Happy New Year!

Attributes: Great Love, Subservient